PandaPearls Australia is the childhood dream of Amanda Stein.

It is a business built on a belief in yourself and of being the master of your own destiny. In essence, everything I was taught as a young 12 year old student at St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School (AGS).

It was 1982 when my history teacher, Beverley Fox, introduced me into the world of female empowerment.

Mentors have been the core and backbone of a small business built on hard work. My childhood was shaped through the respect and understanding of the autonomous region of Bougainville Island and the pristine South Pacific of Papua New Guinea. My BOVO International Primary, Winton, Emerald, Mackay, Longreach State School education and my secondary boarding school at St Margaret's Anglican Girls School have been instrumental influences in my life.

My Mother, Father, Sisters, family and friends have guided me in my dream of running my own successful small business.

I’m very grateful.

Looking forward to the next few years as Brisbane welcomes the 2032 Olympics - a long shot from my 1982 Matilda Joey dreams!

Amanda x

Jewellery for Generations

Amanda was influenced by the beauty of the South Pacific. In parciular, her upbringing on Bougainville Island in the North Solomons Provence. She started designing and sourcing heirloom-quality jewellery out of a desire to bring the outstanding beauty of South Sea pearls to the world's stage. From the highly sought after South Sea pearl (considered the best pearls in the world) to a timeless Japanese Akoya strand, Amanda endeavours to create jewellery which enhances the natural beauty of the pearl and it's wearer.

Amanda's childhood interest in collecting, repurposing, and recycling has evovled into a passion for antique jewellery and eclectic collectables. With a little care and attention, truly anything old can become new again with a fresh lease on life.

Amanda's own sense of style resonates with her customers, and she has a gift for seeing and understanding the true essence of her customer's style. It's not uncommon for Amanda to help her customers fall in love with a unique antique enhancer through a simple phone call, sight unseen.