Pearl Care

Congratulations on your purchase.Pearls are nature's true gemstone.  With care they will last you a lifetime.  PandaPearls suggest your pearls be restrung at least every 2 years if worn frequently.


Wearing your PandaPearls:

Remove pearls before doing any housework, applying perfume, sun tanning lotion or hairspray.

Never wear pearls in the shower, swimming pool or sauna.

Store your pearls in a soft silk / chiffon pouch away from other jewellery.

It's good to expose your pearls to humid conditions.

It is true that a pearls lustre only gets better with more wear, so they love an outing

Cleaning your PandaPearls:

All pearls need is a wipe with a damp, soft cloth to remove make and perspiration.

Never expose pearls to an ultrasonic cleaner. Vibrations shatter pearls expecially if the nacre is thin or cracked.

Do not use chemical cleaners, expecially ammonia and bleach.  Pearls are organis gemstones and need extra care.

Wash occasionally in very mild soapy water and allow to dry before storing.